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Upcoming Tournament Schedule

The following email was sent to all members on Tuesday August 18 2020.

Your board met (via Video) Monday afternoon (8/17/2020). After much discussion the following was agreed.

We are cancelling the fall tournament at Green Valley/Napa. This decision is based on the fact that Green Valley CC could not host our banquets due to the California requirement that there be no inside dining. For late October they felt that this would be an issue. Of course this requirement would also fall on your own dining arrangements each evening. Green Valley CC also informed me that they could not host our Monday golf due to a lack of golf carts (California requires one person per cart if from different households.

We also decided that we could not commit to dates for our 2021 tournaments. Our schedule is Spring (Phoenix), Summer (Carson City) and Fall (St George). We will attempt to follow this schedule when we feel it is safe to do so. I will inform you of the dates for these tournaments as they become available.

The board felt that because of the above decisions all paid members for the 2020 tournament year would have their 2021 annual fee waived.

We did not make the above decisions lightly and hope that you understand the current situation and that you will continue to support our organization.


Carson City, NV
Green Valley, CA

2020 World Golf Handicap System

This new handicap system came into operation on January 1 2020. Under this system your handicap is updated daily. Watch the application form for the date that I will download your indices for the upcoming tournament. Also be aware that your index is now relative to par, not the rating, of the course. It is likely that your NET score will be a couple of strokes higher than you are used to. But its the same for everyone.


Paperless System (78% of members have signed up)

What are the advantages of paperless system?

You will receive your applications slightly before USPS, the time will vary dependent on where you live.
Email is a more reliable delivery system. Getting lost in the mail is not an option.
Your application forms and information will be in color.
Those of you with winter and summer addresses will no longer need to worry about delivery of tournament information. You will even be able to receive it while travelling or on vacation.

What do you need to do?

Confirm that you can read PDF format files.
Confirm that you can receive emails from
If you wish to send your tournament application form back to me via USPS you will need to be able to print the PDF files. An on-line tournament application form has been available and used for some time now If you use on-line banking you should be able to pay for the tournament or renewal fees through Billpay, then you to will not need to use USPS at all.
If you would like a test message before you enroll please ask for one. I will be more than happy to respond.
Reply to this email asking to be placed on the paperless email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

None yet.



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