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Next Tournament, Gold Country, CA

The application forms for this tournament were mailed on Monday 12th August and emailed on Tuesday 13th August. If you do not receive them in a timely manner please contact me.


Upcoming Tournament Schedule

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Gold Country
La Quinta, CA
October 6-11, 2019
February 23-27, 2020

2019 Changes to the Rules of Golf

As all of you are aware there are significant changes to the Rules of Golf that came into effect on January 1 2019. I encourage you to vist the USGA web-site and many other web-sites to educate yourselves on these changes,

This is a pdf document that I found useful on the major changes to the rules. It is a large document and is probably best not viewed on a phone.



Paperless System (45 members have signed up)

What are the advantages of paperless system?

You will receive your applications slightly before USPS, the time will vary dependent on where you live.
Email is a more reliable delivery system. Getting lost in the mail is not an option.
Your application forms and information will be in color.
Those of you with winter and summer addresses will no longer need to worry about delivery of tournament information. You will even be able to receive it while travelling or on vacation.

What do you need to do?

Confirm that you can read PDF format files.
Confirm that you can receive emails from alan@psga.net
If you wish to send your tournament application form back to me via USPS you will need to be able to print the PDF files. An on-line tournament application form has been available and used for some time now If you use on-line banking you should be able to pay for the tournament or renewal fees through Billpay, then you to will not need to use USPS at all.
If you would like a test message before you enroll please ask for one. I will be more than happy to respond.
Reply to this email asking to be placed on the paperless email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

None yet.


Membership Status (11/28/2018)

The membership Rosters have been updated to reflect the 2018 year end membership, which currently stands at 75 memberships and 117 golfers. Please help promote our association by spreading the word about us to your friends and acquaintances..

The top four golf clubs that provide memberships to our organization are shown below. Please note that we have two new entries, El Camino CC thanks to the efforts of Terry Sonnack and Bert Schultz, and Eagle Ridge GC thanks to the effort of Ed Jones.

Green Valley CC 7 memberships
El Camino CC 6 memberships
Tahquitz Creek GR 5 Memberships
Eagle Ridge GC 4 memberships

Please also send any prospective new members to this web-site for more information, history of the organization and application forms. Click here for a new member application form.


Please review the By-laws of your organization on the Policies and Procedures along with other available policies. The Policies and Procedures Page can also be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link in the left-hand (navigation) column. If you believe that your situation is not covered by these documents, please contact the Executive Secretary or any Board Member with a description of your situation and any suggestion you may have to clarify it.


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