Tournament Procedure

This document describes what happens at one of our tournaments, and what our member should be prepared for.

Approximately one year prior to the tournament.

The members will be informed of the schedule for the following 12 months via newsletter or web-site, to allow for planning. Dates and locations are usually firm, but may under extreme conditions be changed.

Approximately two - three months prior to the tournament

Application forms for the tournament are mailed out and simultaneously made available on the web-site. Note that this mailing may contain refund checks from the previous tournament and referal award certificates. Check the mailing carefully so that these are not discarded. A completed written application and fees returned to our Executive Secretary is the only means of submitting a request to participate in a tournament. Acceptance into a tournament is based on a first come first served basis. Confirmation of acceptance into the tournament is sent via postcard, email or phone call. If the tournament is full, members will be informed that they have been placed on the waiting list. Once accepted, the member should reserve a room at the hotel, if required. Members and guests are liable for all charges incurred by PSGA caused by a check being returned for insufficient funds.

Approximately one month prior to the tournament

The tournament is opened to guests, who now have the same priority as members. The hotel will close the special room rate to our group. The Executive Secretary will arrange the deadline date such that there is approximately one week for a guest to obtain a room at the PSGA rates (see Guest Policy).

Approximately one week prior to the tournament.

Golf courses require final player counts approximately 1 week prior to the tournament. Refunds for cancellation after this date are at the whim of the golf course. Final meal counts, including choices are required by the banquet facilities in the same time frame. Also the executive secretary starts preparing members packets, scorecards etc. Cancellations again are inconvenient and may result in the return of no entry fees.


The tournament starts with a registration at the headquarters hotel which was defined in the description that went out with the application form. This is typically from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. It is mandatory to attend this, meal tickets, name badges, score posting cards, 1st timer certificates, guest certificates and data for the weeks activities are handed out, handicaps are verified, skins money taken and presence noted. Any last minute changes to the schedule, tees, routes to the courses / banquet locations are also communicated. This usually takes 5 minutes of your time, but is important to the smooth running of the tournament. Members and guests must bring proof of their current handicap in the form of an index card, internet printout or letter from the head pro / handicap chairperson of their club. A SS&Ger (Shopper, Site-see and Gamer) representative will be present to describe that weeks activities for the non-golfers.

Usually at 6:00 pm there will be a no host bar at the same location as that evenings banquet and at 7:00 pm we will commence the Banquet. With but a few exceptions, table allocation is based on Mondays Men's playing foursomes.


Medal Play Day 1

The following applies to all medal play days: Medal play is a flighted tournament for both men and women; flights vary in size but tend to range between 12 and 15 participants. Individual scorecards are available on your golf cart, please exchange your card with a fellow competitor in the same foursome. Scorecards must be signed and turned into the tournament scorekeeper at the completion of your round (usually located in the restaurant/ bar area of the course). If you have a no-show or a withdrawal in your foursome, please turn in that members card to the scorekeeper also, this will speed up the scoring process. PSGA provides a score posting card with course name, slope and rating so that you can note your scores each day and post when you return home.

Prizes are awarded for low gross (overall and for each flight), low net (overall and each flight) and low net places in each flight. Typically just less than half of each flight will receive either gross or net prize money.

The skins money is divided equally to each skin winner at a given course. A skins winner is defined as a member who has the lowest net score on a hole, with no other member matching that score. Currently skins is only played on the first two medal play days for logistical reasons.

The tournament is played to USGA rules, amended by local rules. Please listen carefully to any pre-tournament announcements and/or read all notices on your golf carts. It is the individual participants responsibility to be familiar with and abide by the USGA Rules of Golf.


Medal Play Day 2


Team Play. Team play is optional and no SS&G activity is scheduled to allow those that wish to have a day to themselves. Team play is a number of four person teams with the better two balls (NET) counting to the teams score. Teams are created by spreading the individual handicaps of the foursome in an attempt to even the competition and at the same time allowing all members an opportunity to contribute to the success of the team. There are only two flights, one man's and one woman's, with about half the teams collecting prize money.


Medal Play Day 3

Typically at 6:00 pm there will be a no host bar at the same location as that evenings banquet. There will be a table set up containing all the prize money from the tournament. Please collect yours. If you cannot attend this meeting for whatever reason, please arrange for someone to collect your winnings, and inform the executive secretary.

Typically at 7:00 pm the Banquet will commence. With but a few exceptions, table allocation is randomly selected by the computer to allow members to mix with other members. At this banquet, trophies for the overall gross and net are presented.


Heading home day. Sometimes the hotel may extend our rates, or offer special rates to members who wish to stay longer.

Approximately one week after the tournament

The results, pictures and SS&Ger activity are posted on the web-site

Approximately two weeks after the tournament

Refund checks, if any, are mailed out (see refund policy). Note that often corresponds to the mailing of the application forms for the next tournament, please check this carefully so that you don't accidentally discard the check.