Refund Policy

Tournament fees may be refundable, under certain conditions. PSGA is usually contracted to pay certain fees at defined times prior to and during the tournament. If notification of cancellation is received prior to these dates usually a refund is given. Under no circumstances will a refund be given if the golf course, hotel or banquet facility does not offer a refund to PSGA. Your executive secretary will attempt to obtain a refund at all times, even after deadlines, but may not be successful. Different facilities behave differently.

If you become ill during a tournament, please contact the executive secretary as early as possible, so that he/she can attempt to give early notifications to the golf course, rearrange golf pairings and also to give him/her some knowledge of the event prior to paying the golf course. Not informing the executive secretary will reduce your chances of a refund.

Hotel cancellation fees are between you and the hotel.

Typical cancellation cut off dates:-

Hotel - 48 hours - 1 week
Golf Course - 1 week
Banquet - 1 week

The executive secretary is authorized to charge up to $25 for each refund check sent out. Refund checks will be mailed out within two weeks of the tournament close date.