Guest Policy

Guests of members are welcome at our tournaments. Guests who wish to participate in our golf tournament must meet our membership age requirements (over 50 on the first day) and have a valid USGA approved handicap index. Non-golfing guests of members are allowed at all times if they are over the age of 21. If guests are under the age of 50 and wish to play golf, they may do so if space is available, but they will not be permitted to enter the tournament competition. Guests may only participate in a tournament on one occasion, they must join our association if they wish to participate in additional tournaments. Ex-members may not participate in our tournaments as a guest.

Golfing guests will be placed on the waiting list for the tournament, and will not be confirmed until at least the 'deadline' date as defined on the application form. This is to give members priority to enter the tournament. If there are members on the waiting list at the deadline date, they will take priority over guests as openings become available. After the deadline date, both members and guests are prioritized by the postmark or email date.

Guests will not be allowed to reserve rooms at the negotiated PSGA room rate prior to acceptance. The executive secretary will monitor the hotel room allocation and instruct the hotel to remove violators from the PSGA room list. If room space is not an issue at the hotel, the executive secretary may overrule this restriction. The guest should contact the executive secretary for guidance.

After confirmation, guests will have all the same rights and privileges as members at the tournament.