Going to Boise

The following applications have been accepted for the Boise Tournament as of 5/16/2018. If you feel that you should be on this list please contact me via Contact Us.

Campbell, Don & Margaret
Collins, Jerry
Grace, Tim & Linda
Hargreaves, Alan & Liz
Hensley, Keith
Hudson, Jim & Judy
Johnson, Ken & Nancy
Lightfoot, Pete
Mace, Richard & Shirley
Maxfield, Ron & Colleen
McGuire, James & Carol1
Nance, Tom & Elayne
Newell, John & Pat
Pingree, Jerry & Ellen
Sonnack, Terry & Eileen
Stroud, Ron & Loralee
Trinidad, Max & Catherine Cheng
Twining, Doug & Carol
Wheaton, Warren & Katie
Whiting, Sid & Mary
Zahradnik, Larry