SS&Ger's in Portland

31 SS&Gers registered in Portland. Our thanks go to Alice Orth for organizing this week for the group.

On Monday 25 ladies went to downtown Portland and had lunch on the waterfront.

On Tuesday 23 ladies visited the "End of the Oregon Trai Interpretive Center" in Oregon City. They were so impressed by this visit they donated what was left of their funds to this facility.

On Wednesday, team play day, the ladies 'just' went shopping to Bridgeport.
On Thursday, 21 ladies visited the "Street of Dreams". This is a new developemnt where the builders / contractors show off their best work. This trip was especially noteworthy as the ladies managed to charter a bus, after many years of haggling with the directors, albeit a student school bus. Gentlemen, now this is shopping with a vengence.
Here they are. Click on the photo for a larger version, it may take a while to load.

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